Leadership Development
Team Effectiveness
Leveraging Diversity
Growing Understanding

Clients Comments

Turnaround Group philosophy is that organisational transformation is fundamentally about transforming people, not the organisation.

Our processes are driven and measured by our clients business imperitives.

It is essential to engage everyone in ways that are culturally relevant and give meaning and dignity to peoples' lives at work.

This integrated approach utilises both top down and bottom up interventions to create a shared sense of purpose.

Our core Tenets are...

If your organisation has:

a large and diverse workforce
management / staff discord
increasing market or service delivery pressures
difficulty in implementing the organisations strategy

We offer the following:


The Turnaround Group has a proven track record in both Public and Private sectors. Clients include well-known organizations such as Toyota, Edcon, Unilever, the National Electricity Regulator and DTI.

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