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The Turnaround Group's Leadership Development Programmes (LDP's) are specifically designed to develop the competencies required for effective leadership within the African context.

Through structured, experiential learning processes, emphasis is on the development of practical leadership skills that can be applied in the workplace. Urban, rural and bush environments have been carefully chosen to provide opportunities for interactive encounters around diversity and market factors. A strong emphasis is also placed on intensifying delegates' awareness of environmental, social and organisational challenges i.e. Triple Bottom Line

Programmes focus on developing the following leadership competencies:

Understanding of the environment, levels of education, culture and systems.

Encouraging openess, vulnerability, empathy and appreciation of diversity.

Developing vision, purpose, values and empowerment.

Communicating, coaching, measuring and accountability.

Emphasis in on the development of practical leadership skills that can be applied directly in the workplace.

Programmes run at various levels:

For supervisors, team leaders and shop stewards.

Transformational leadership for South African Managers.


The quintessential leadership experience - Lessons from Africa for leaders of the future.

Experiential learning in urban, rural and bush environments for individuals wishing to learn about self and developing awareness of the interconnected and interdependent challenges across the environmental, social and organisational spheres.

Process Integration

Ongoing mentorship for managers at all levels and assisting with the integration of organisation-wide initiatives.

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